We think of our cookies as a deconstruction of your favorite sweet treat. Each cookie weighs 6 oz before it is baked!

Brownie Batter

For the person who scrapes the bowl; Chocolate chip cookie stuffed with edible brownie batter. 

Chocolate Reeses

Because who doesn’t like chocolate and peanut butter? Double chocolate cookie stuffed with a Reeses cup.

Cookies & Cream

For the true cookie monster; White chocolate chip cookie loaded with crushed Oreos & stuffed with a Milka Oreo candy bar.


A childhood favorite; Confetti cookie loaded with sprinkles, white chocolate chips & stuffed with our homemade Dunkaroo frosting.

Cookie Craze

Because there are never enough cookies; Double chocolate chip cookie loaded with crushed Oreos, Lotus Biscoff cookies & stuffed with Cookie Butter.

Glazed Donut

Perfect with your morning coffee; White chocolate chip cookie loaded with crushed glazed donuts- basically eating a big fat gooey donut. 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

For the kid at heart; Cinnamon cookie loaded with cinnamon chips & Cinnamon Toast cereal stuffed with a mini cinnamon roll.

Cookie Dough

For the person who can’t wait for them to cook; Double chocolate chip cookie stuffed with edible chocolate chip cookie dough.


This classic combines your favorite summer treat with a decadent cookie. Chocolate chip graham cracker cookie loaded with mini marshmallows & stuffed with Fluff.




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