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Our story

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, I am a 21-year-old entrepreneur, student, and a die-hard foodie who is happy to bring you “The Ultimate 6 oz Cookie”.

Growing up, I was the “heavy-set, short kid” who had a giant sweet tooth. Although dessert would make me smile in the moment, I was super unhappy with myself both physically and emotionally.

Entering senior year of high school and with college right around the corner, I knew that it was the perfect time to turn my life around. At the age of 17, I managed to healthfully lose 80 pounds, however, there was one problem; I couldn’t let go of my sweet tooth.

This is when I decided to turn to baking. Instead of consuming a ton of sweets, I began to bake for friends and loved ones. The smiles and joy that illuminated from their bodies filled my heart with happiness. Immediately, the feedback was overwhelming- several people told me that these insane cookies I was creating need to be sold as there is truly nothing like them on the market.

And just like that, The Blakery was born! My dedication and desire to meet every customer’s standards is reflected in each cookie that I create. Meet The Blakery, your new foodie friend- and if you aren’t yet convinced, Taste to Believe!